Paul Swift Coaching

Welcome to my web site!

People are my business. I work with helping people in business and life have the sort of conversations with themselves and others that help them wake up to what is possible, based on an honest grounding of their strengths and their limitations, realising choices through dialogue and understanding

I have run my own business since 2002 offering a range of people offerings to organisations, teams and individuals - from strategic interventions to individual explorations of potential, effectiveness, motivation and meaning. I work as a coach, consultant, facilitator, therapist, mentor, trainer and friend, depending on what will best support people moving forward.

I started my working life over 30 years ago - feels a lifetime and indeed it is. During that time I have had the good fortune to work with many people who have inspired me, frustrated me, encouraged me and taught me many lifetime lessons. I might say that what guides me in my approach is my philosophical and professional training in existential and ontological coaching and psychotherapy which, together with buddhist practice and study, ground my approach, and this would be true. However my most fundamental guide to working with others is my own life and business experiences, which have served me well, together with  the wisdom of countless others who I have met along the way, which I endeavour to embody where I can and pass onto others.