"Paul quickly gained the confidence of our Board. His deep insights and his quietly persistent approach enabled us to face up to some important issues. We are a more effective team as a result of working with Paul."

Simon Murray, Chairman, Geoffrey Osborne Ltd

"Paul was a senior coach on the Terminal 5 Construction programme for over 5 years. He made a significant contribution in helping construction leader’s focus on how to deliver this project in the collaborative manner that we had all signed up to as the way this mammoth programme would be delivered. His insights into people and teams were highly valued at often the most difficult of times and I know that his guidance not only encouraged people to trust in themselves to deliver the project in a collaborative way, but also stopped them at times from losing heart when it all sometimes just looked too challenging."

Andrew Wolstenholme, Former Construction Director Terminal 5, BAA

"Paul has provided executive coaching and support to myself and my senior team for the last 6 years, initially on the £4.3bn Heathrow Terminal 5 project, and more recently on the major re-developments planned for the Heathrow Central Terminal Area. On a personal level Paul has an ability to offer insight and understanding which in my experience is unique. At a team level Paul provides understanding of individual and team behaviours to help leaders and managers create teams equipped to deliver high performance. Paul always puts the needs of his client first, and his positive outlook and enthusiasm alone are reason enough to engage his skills when forming, re-forming or re-focussing a team."

Russell Batchelor, Head of Construction, BAA

"I have a lot to thank Paul for, as a business coach he has been instrumental in facilitating the development of my self confidence to achieve my objectives. Paul's highly perceptive listening style means that he gets to the nub of the issue very quickly. He creates the environment in which I was able to address issues normally avoided. The outcome has meant that I have been able to grow and find the balance between business and lifestyle."

Markus Kapps, Key Projects Director, Cape Town, South Africa

"Most managers undervalue the importance of coaching and because until not long ago I was one of them, I understand why: it doesn’t have an immediate impact on the P&L and it takes people’s time, all for the promise of a more confident professional. I was privileged to have Paul as my coach. While usually a coach gives you assurance of confidentiality and a friendly ear, Paul went further ahead for me and short of becoming a friend, he was a partner at work. Just happened that instead of giving me sales advice or downloading the HR procedures, he gave me another dimension: a truly open forum to debate my ideas (and frustrations) with someone that actually knows the company and how to succeed in it. Paul won’t get you success: only hard work and possibly luck can do that, but he will steer you to recognize those opportunities and make the most of those."

Nuno Moreira, KPMG, Portugal

"Paul has great insight into the learning needs of organizations and a depth of experience in devising solutions that work. He produced a complete toolkit on team development to support learning and development professionals across my business build successful teams in their client areas, which not only helped ensure consistency of approach but enabled flexibility in application."

Murray Thomas, Head of Learning and Development, BAA

"I have been amazed at the difference in how I think, act and feel after just four sessions with Paul. Paul has enabled me to realize that I have a choice about how I feel and how I behave that has given me greater personal confidence and the ability to face the really big issues head on. Paul's style suited me perfectly and made me feel relaxed in a way that allowed me to be honest with him, and therefore myself, enabling me to get the most out of our sessions. Paul was able to recognize what I was trying to express in our conversations and reflect it in a way that made it all seem straightforward, and the path of action that I needed to take really clear."

Chris Gregory, Head of Capital Projects, Gatwick Airport

"In the time that I have been coached by Paul I have had a variety of challenges both at work and in my personal life. I have found my interaction with Paul to be stimulating and thought provoking. This has ultimately helped me find the best path through these challenges with a continued sense of optimism and anticipation of what awaits me in the future."

Anton Allera, Crown Prosecution Service

“Paul and his colleagues have worked with Michael Page as both facilitators and coaches, and have helped us as a team really understand where we could work together more effectively as well as make a much more positive contribution as individuals. Through using 360 feedback, psychometrics, specific training and one-on-one coaching, Paul has helped me see issues within my team that I was previously blind about and see ways of bringing about more beneficial ways of working. Paul is also a great confidante and a valuable source of wisdom in an often very hectic world which I very much appreciate in the time I have known him."

David Winter, Chief Technology Officer, Michael Page International

“Paul is someone who I have found very valuable to work with. He does not prescribe solutions or offer me quick fixes: instead he takes the time to really understand the challenges I am grappling in a way which enables me to fundamentally understand myself better. I did not want someone who would just tell me what courses to attend or books to read, but someone who could engage me in dialogue, and who could work with me through what could be often very frustrating and frank discussions on some of the most fundamental issues I have faced in my work and in my life, and let me find a way forward."

Leon Flavell, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"I have worked with Paul over a number of years in different settings. He is a great coach, with a knack for really enabling people get to grips with what is troubling them and helping them find a way through it. He is also a great facilitator - Paul has run a number of team sessions with me where he has been both insightful and a source of useful, practical, everyday wisdom for getting people working together more effectively."

Liz Virando, Performance Improvement Team Leader, Laing-O’Rourke

"Paul showed me the value of coaching. My work with Paul has given me greater self awareness, helped me build career plans and provided me with tools to address issues. During this time he has given me tremendous support in selfless manner both in my work environment and in my personal life. Paul demonstrates excellent listening skills that are supported with a gift of insight. He is non-judgemental and very quickly builds trust with people, something that I value greatly. I am the better for knowing him."

Jonathan Crone, Business Development Director, Profile Cape Verde Ltd