Organisational Change

Teams and people in business both affect and are affected by the underlying business culture of the organisations where they work. Increasingly teams of people representing multiple stakeholders work with other teams to achieve significant results in often quite complex, rapidly changing organisational arrangements. Organisations engage their people in partnering and alliancing in order to build competitive advantage through increasing capability and responsiveness. Yet often such arrangements flounder in the absence of a clear understanding of the values, culture and capabilities of the people and teams involved.

Businesses are made up of people who express and hold certain values and behaviours that over time create particular patterns and norms in the way work gets done and the business is collectively and individually perceived. In working with leaders we help identify how the culture of their business is both helping and hindering what they are trying to achieve. Through designing and applying diagnostics and interventions that help gain insight into the underlying values that seem to make up the business and which define its culture, we can support and facilitate leaders to recognise how they can, through their leadership, can address the underlying behavioural givens of their business and of other businesses that they maybe engaged with.